United States Senate Youth 
Scholarship Program - North Carolina

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This page provides North Carolina students interested in applying for this year's U.S. Senate Youth opportunity with the application, essay prompt, and other requirements for submitting an entry on or before October 7, 2018.  Interested individuals will also find important guidelines for final submitting all entry materials.  

Students applying for the Senate Youth Program opportunity should be participating in and able to show a history, prior to this year, of leadership, public service, and government or civic related activities.

Entry Material Forms  

Each student candidate applying for the U.S. Senate Youth Scholarship opportunity in North Carolina must submit ALL the following, according to the requested submission instructions, by the deadline.  

  1. NC Application - (Form A) 
  2. NC Written Essay - (Form B)     
  3. NC Digital Presentation - (Form C)   
  4. NC Letter of Recommendation Form - (Form D)
    • One recommendation will be from a teacher.  
    • One recommendation will be from an organizational sponsor, which cannot be that teacher who           has already written the first endorsement.

Application (Form A) Deadline

The deadline for submission of all application and entry information for 2018 will be on or before 11:59 p.m. Sunday night, October 7, 2018.  Submission of materials MUST be done according to the following instructions:

Application Submission -Step # 1

Applicants must send the hard copy of their application via U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or other courier service of choice so that it has a postmark that reads on or before  October 7, 2018.

Make sure you have MAILED the hard copy of your completed application with ALL required signatures to... 


Ms. Michelle McLaughlin

6th Floor, Social Studies Section

6307 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-6307

Application & Entry Materials -Step #2

Applicants must also email ther following to the email address provided on the application ([email protected]) by 11:59 p.m. Sunday night, October 7, 2018.  All emails received at this email address will have an electronic time stamp for verification. 

  1. Electronic copy of your application (does not have to have signatures) and must NOT be PDFed
  2. Typed essay
  3. Digital presentation
  4. Two letter of r ecommendation forms 

Helpful Submission Reminder

Before submitting your entry, materials be sure to download and use the "Student Candidate's Personal Checklist for Submitting an Application & Entry Materials"  to ensure you have completed all required submission processes and steps.